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29. What to do in case of flooding

If you notice a leaking, you can save your dive light if you follow some simple rules.

We test carefully all Spark Lights products, all the dive lights and the underwater video lights to make sure you can use them for a long time without any problems. But accidents can occur, maybe after some damage the dive light will be flooded under water, or after a battery change there can be some leaks.

Anything was the cause, to see the flooded piece of equipment is really embarrassing. This can spoil any of your valuable underwater light or camera. But instead of simply getting rid of the flooded equipment after surfacing, you can try a few tricks. So here are our advices if you want to save your flooded dive light or any other device.

The main rule certainly is the importance of proper maintenance: it's much easier to prevent a flooding than repair a dive light. You should check the leaking before the dive in a freshwater tank. If you experience any kind of leaking, simply leave the dive light on the surface. You can check all o-rings before the next dive. If you don't find what caused the leaking, the service will help you at home, but they hopefully don't have to repair the electronics.

If you see your dive light is flooded underwater, it's important to bring it out from the water as soon as possible. Certainly our health is more important, so follow the rules of safe ascending regardless what happened to your dive light!

On the surface open the dive light (or any other flooded device), remove the battery then rinse the dive light with fresh water. The saltwater will ruin any electronics, so the most important is the thoroughly rinsing with fresh water. Then you should you dry everything. Some people try to assemble the flooded and rinsed dive light after drying, and in many cases it would work. But we recommend a professional maintenance in a service, who can check the electronics and will find the cause of flooding.

We would like to share two photographs to show the different effects of saltwater and fresh water flooding. In the first picture you can see a dive light which was flooded during an open water dive, but wasn't rinsed. The electronics of this Spark Action Light 7F dive light was spoiled, the service needed to replace everything. The second dive light was rinsed in fresh water after the dive (certainly without the battery) and it was possible to repair without replacing the electronics.

So there is a hope for the flooded dive lights. If you have any problems with the Spark Lights products feel free to contact us and we will give you advice as soon as possible!


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