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37. The joy of diving

Try to show the true beauty of the underwater world to your family and friends.

Those who love scuba diving can talk to each other for a long time about their underwater adventures. They easily find out if the other is a diver as well and they talk about beautiful reefs, exciting wrecks and great encounters with dolphins and sharks. We know these nice conversations as we love diving at Spark Lights too.

The divers would love to invite their family under the surface, but the task is not that simple. Some are scared of diving because they think it would be too much of a challenge for them. Others find it too expensive. You can be prepared for such topics, and you can tell that almost anyone can be a scuba diver - it is not necessary to dive too deep or in cold water.

But the real convicing attraction if we can show somehow what we can see in the depth. Sadly the thrillers about raging sharks or horrors with various fictional underwater monsters frighten many people. The divers know that real facts. For example, the sharks are not „maneaters”. (And it should be noted, we should not see dolphins in the indoor pools, it's much more exciting to meet them in the open sea.)

If we try to recommend underwater documentaries, we need to choose carefully. Some of them may also be sensationalist. And it’s quite typical they were shot for months by a crew of professional divers and filmmakres. So our friends would think an "ordinary" diver never see such wonders.

Of course, the reality is quite different. You can see incredible things if you explore coral reefs in Asia, swim with dolphins in the Red Sea or see nudibranch in the Mediterranean. Every single day people participate in underwater adventure who a few years ago may not have believed themselves to become divers.

Let's try to share your own experiences! Take good photos, beautiful, spectacular videos, and show them. Don’t forget you will need a good and reliable dive light for the best results, and we recommend Spark Action Light products. We hope you will succeed convincing your relatives that they should try scuba diving.

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