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9. The accessories of the Spark Lights lamps

The Action diving lights can be bought in three different packages. It is advised to learn about the accessories, because it can help in choosing, which one you should buy!

Most of the diving lights can not be bought with accessories, such as a case, a charging cable, there are types, which do not come with any battery either. When we were developing the Spark Lights, it was a concept to provide a safe case with the lamp, and because of the unique charging, it needs a charging cable as well, and we also wanted to offer different ways for the fixing.

In the case of our models, there are more choices for the safe mounting of the handles and holders. Of course, there are people who simply hold the lamps in their hands. This is sometimes reasonable: as the small Action 7F can fit in the pocket of a BCD, it can be grabbed and used when needed. May it be a diving either at night or during the day, it is at hand, and in a case of a danger or drifting away, we can signal with it – this makes it useful for every diver, and it also fits in your pocket.

The pistol hand grip can be mounted in a very stable way, with a screw. This accessory can be quite useful for those who take the lamps with themselves in their hands. You can put a cord on it as a handle, hanging it on you, and you will definitely not lose the lamp in the case of dropping. You can aim with it at different points, so it can be perfect for example in the Adriatic Sea, where you can peer into the caverns and holes. It's similar when you use the UV light at night and would like to find the fluorescent creatures of the night.

Obviously, during diving, with the help of the pistol grip, we can give the lamp to our diving buddy easily, if it is necessary – actually this can happen during a fluo dive that was mentioned before.

You can mount your small action camera onto the ring on the pistol grip, so the action camera and the lamp can be used as a unit. However, sometimes it is not ideal if the lamp is too close to the camera, but in many cases this comes in handy.

There is a special strap that fits onto your hand, whom size can be adjusted to the size of the wearer, so it is suitable for both kids and adults- its size will not bar you in moving. It is ideal in those diving spots where you spent relatively long time in a closed space and the risk of dropping the light or getting stuck is minimal. This accessory is useful if you penetrate into shipwrecks or caves, but there are divers who use their Spark Lights diving lights in this way,every time they go to dive.

Within the smallest package of our Video-Photo lamps (Action V1 and V2) there is a standard 1” ball mount, which is accessible with the other types in the bigger packages. The ball mount can be fixed with a screw and after doing this step, for making videos, you can easily mount the lamp onto the arms or the tray. Of course, for the good video quality you should use at least two lights.

With the help of the mount, you can put the lamp onto the camera housings. The photographers use the different lamps as focus lights and the Spark Lights Action 7F and RE types are popular among them because of their practical red LEDs.

It is good to know that those lights that we offer for cycling and hunting, are of full value diving lights, however, these come with a special accessory with which you can fix the lamp onto different tubes, such as onto a wheel of a bike. If you want to use the lamp with this accessory, you should think about choosing that package.

We have to mention the advantages of the orange mask cover which enables you to see the biofluorescence during the fluo (UV) dives. This can be useful for those who dive many times at night, and they like examining the neon-colored world of the coral reefs.

We hope now it is easier to decide which one is the ideal package for the certain diver. Fortunately, it's not a problem if you need further accessories: you can buy them separately, so the packages can be implemented.

You can find more information about the different products and packages in the webshop!

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