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36. Long-term test of the Spark Action Light

Our product works flawlessly after more than 1,000 dives and 3 years.


To develop a quality, reliable and durable product is a long process. We are passionate divers so we decided to design a multifunctional dive light. Certainly we needed to test our ideas and the features of the dive light in the best place: under water.

We had a partner from the beginning. Istvan Toth is a dive instructor, he is the owner of the Adriadive Dive Center in the Croatian village of Razanj. He is a keen underwater explorer, he has vast amount of diving experience in the Adriatic Sea. Istvan is a certified technician and also a technical diver, he always helped us with his suggestions during the development of the Spark Lights products.

You can find the Adriadive Dive Center in the heart of Dalmatia, close to the town of Rogoznice. Those who are familiar with the nearby dive sites know a dive light comes is handy both night and day. This is one of the best places to dive in the Croatian seashore, you can do exciting dives in many different spots.

There are beautiful deep walls. It may seem a bit boring at the first sight, but when you turn on your dive light you see the spectacular, amazing colors of the corals and sponges. There are wrecks where you can see details if you use a dive lamp. And there are the exciting night dives. Maybe you will watch a hunting octopus and you can make a movie of it if you have a underwater light.

All the dive lights they have in this dive center are often used. Istvan is not only a dive instructor but he is a keen underwater videographer as well. When he doesn't use his camera, he shows the wonders of the Adriatic Sea to his customers. They will realize easily why they need to use a good dive light here even daytime.

Because Istvan always brings his dive lights we are sure he is the most trustworthy long term tester of Spark Action Light dive lamps. He uses a pair of Spark Lights products since 2016. He had about 1100-1200 dives with them. He used them in cold water and in the summer, he had deep and wreck dives.

Now we asked him to borrow us the dive lights to check them in our factory. Although they work perfectly, we wanted to know if they need any repair or maintenance. We have to confess, we were curious to see if the Spark Action Light 7F looked still good.

We thought there shouldn't be any problems as Istvan used them for years and never mentioned anything. There are only several scratches in the body of the dive light, there aren't any cracks. All the functions worked. The maximum output of the dive light was the same as the brand new products. The battery capacity was slightly less but it was still enough for the everyday use.

We proudly saw the dive lights are really durable, and we are sure these ones will be used for many other dives in the next few years in the Adriatic Sea and another places. Certainly it is important if the owner use it carefully and don't forget cleaning and regular charging. If somebody takes care of his Spark Action Light dive lamp, it will be a reliable dive partner during many dives.

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