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Delivery informations: The part related from the Terms and conditions:

III.13. The price of the ordered products and the possible incremental costs (which are always indicated when the order is made) can be paid by preliminary bank transfer, or by Using PayPal, or safe way of paying by credit card on the internet.

III.14. The ordered products will be taken to the given transport address, via courier service.

If the chosen product(s) are on stock –, they will be given to the courier in 3 workdays. In other cases the Costumer will get a notification about the calculated delivery date via e-mail, or will be called on the phone.

Those goods that have been ordered and are on stock, or that have been delivered after procurement, are kept by the Operator for maximum 5 workdays.

The Operator cannot keep the ordered products for more than 10 workdays, and cannot deliver the products later because of that.

III.15. If the certain good is on stock the Operator can fulfill the orders, which have been given properly, in 5 workdays.

The Operator tries to fulfill the certain deadline, but does not take responsibility if the order cannot be fulfilled in the usual amount of working days. In case of a possible delay the Operator can but is not bound to tell the Costumer about the delay.

III.16. At the time of the delivery the Costumer is bound to check whether the package is damaged, to check the amount of the delivered pieces, and to sign the acknowledgement of receipt. If the package is damaged, it has to be recorded in the Transcript.

It is advised to check whether the goods are damaged, at the delivery, and in the case of a shortage in the quantity or damage, they have to be recorded in the Transcript, immediately. For a package that is not damaged, it can only be taken over by the Costumer to his/her own responsibility.

In the case of a “distance contract”, if there is not anything written in the Transcript, there is a limited chance to exercise the governing right of withdrawal, to quantitative objection, or to validate warranties.

A complain because of quantity or damage can only be accepted, if there is a video, about the opening of the package, submitted to the Operator, which has high quality, has not been edited, and on which it can clearly be seen that the package was not opened in the beginning of the video and it shows what the box contains (all of the sides of the box is recorded on the video).

III.17. If during the transport, the product cannot be delivered, the transporter will leave a note, because of that, and only two times the transporter will try to deliver the package. The transport is being made on workdays between 8-17 hours.

The Terms and conditions for the TNT can be found on this website: Here on the website you can choose the certain country to which the TNT's shipping informations are related.

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