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31. Hunt in the Night

You can observe such moments during night dives that happen once in a lifetime.

In the past scuba diving was a real adventure in itself. It was even more thrilling when someone dived under the surface in the darkness. Nowadays night diving is quite popular because we can see another face of the underwater world: it can be mysterious and sometimes dramatic.

A diver needs some experience and a reliable dive light to observe what happens under water during nighttime. It's recommended to swim slowly and watch carefully to see the hiding or sleeping animals and those ones which start hunting in these hours.

There are specific animals which look for food in the dark. Luckily they don't want to harm divers, they look for smaller fish or interbrevates. When they appear in the light of our dive lamps, we can observe as they look around as we do.

Certainly there is an important difference. While they hunt for real we "hunt" only with our cameras. If we have a better dive light or underwater video light like the Spark Action Light V1 we can make great shots. The coral reef will be as colorful as during daytime!

This video was shot in the Egyptian Red Sea and you can follow a hunting moray eel. These huge predators may look frightening, but they pose no harm or threat to scuba divers. The fish should be careful- in this video you can see, why!


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