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28. Diversity in scuba diving

There are more and more diving equipments designed to meet individual needs.

If you read the news about the recently introduced scuba diving equipments or you visit a fair where the manufacturers exhibit their new models you can see there are a lot of colorful, fancy equipments. If you want a pink dive mask, a yellow wing-style BCD or a pair of white fins it's easy to find them in the market.

It seems it is more and more important to serve the individual needs of the customers. It's not enough if a diving equipment works good, it should look good as well. Now it's possible to buy anything in the colors you desire and it's something we should be happy about. The dive lights manufactured by our company, the Spark Lights, can be ordered in different colors and we know customers who really love their personalized dive lamps.

However there are another trends and it's easy to realize the diversity is not only about the colors. There are pink and yellow jacket- or wing style BCDs, but even more exciting to see there are equipments for every special need. For the recreational divers they offer lightweight fins, BCDs, bags for traveling. There are plenty of quality equipments to choose from for technical diving. There are more and more equipments designed for women divers. It's easy to find gear for specialities even like sidemount diving.

So whenever you need a dive equipment which suits your special, individual needs, you can find the one which is designed to meet your demands. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced diver, you will find the desired gear. This is quite important: if you have the proper equipment, you will enjoy diving more. For those who travel a lot don't worry about the weight of their diving baggage. The cave divers can buy any kind wings or drsyuits- and they get them in the colors they really like.

When we designed the range of Spark Lights waterproof lights we realized the importance of this issue. The size of our underwater lights are the same, but the color is not the only one difference between them. The Spark Action Light V1 or V2 were designed for underwater videographers who need more powerful lights. There are models which popular amongst those divers who need only the white and red or white and UV LEDs. There are many reasons why somebody prefer these models, for example if they want to use stronger red lights for creative lightning under water or specially interested in fluo diving. We offer different accessories for mounting as well.

Our most popular product, the Spark Action Light 7F dive lamp offer a little bit of everything for a reasonable price. But if you need a dive light which meet your special needs (color, maximum output, etc.) you will find it in our rage. We believe our products are good for any purpose, so if you have some special demands, check out the models' description before choosing your favorite Spark Action Light underwater lamp!


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