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27. New year, new diving adventures

There are plenty of exciting possibilities in 2019 for scuba divers.

As the holiday season passed we are ready for the new challenges of the year. Usually the divers spend the beginning of the year with planning, as this is the best season to think about where to travel, what to dive.

Those lucky guys who got a nice new Spark Lights dive lamp for Christmas certainly want to try them as soon as possible. (If somehow you didn't get one, we recommend to check the webstore where you can still order the Spark Action Light 7F dive light for a reduced price.) As we are a Hungarian company, we know many of the local divers who to go to the Kobanya Mine or the Molnar Janos Cave in Budapest where they surely need a reliable dive torch.

Certainly you have to bring your dive light whenever you go to a wreck diving trip. For those who don't have time for long holidays there are still plenty of options for 3-4 days long dive trip. In Europe there are diving destinations which attract wreck lovers like the Adriatic Sea. There are dozens of wrecks from WW I remains to WW II airplanes. Try to learn about the most interesting wrecks well in advance and you can decide, which part of the shoreline want to visit: the Istrian Peninsula, the Kvarner or Dalmazia?

There are many other easy to reach dive sites in the Mediterranean. With discount airlines you can fly to Malta, Cyprus or Greece to dive some legendary wrecks. The most famous is the Zenobia in Cyprus, but the wreck divers adore Malta too. And there are cheap flights to the Northern Red Sea as well, so you can do a short trip to Aqaba in Jordan or Eilat in Israel. Aqaba is really special as you can dive a shipwreck, an airplane and a tank on the same day!

Certainly it would be impossible to mention all places which are worth a short visit. Those who live in Asia choose the wonderful dive sites of the Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand, from the USA they often go to the Caribbean. There are the wonderful cenotes too in the Yucatan Peninsula which attract thousands of divers.

If you have a good dive light in your baggage, you can start planning a liveaboard trip as well. For example in the Egyptian Red Sea during a week long trip you can do night dives for a week. Sometimes the Spark Action Light 7F's UV function will be handy, but don't forget the orange dive mask cover at home! In the Northern Red Sea the itineraries usually go to the famous wrecks like the Thistlegorm, the Giannis D or the Carnatic where you will need your dive lamp too.

If you are a keen videographer, with an underwater video light you can do much better shots. It's worth practicing with to be familiar with all the functions. You can try the tray, the arms, the clamps even in a pool so when you make your shots during a dive trip you will have a complete, working underwater video set. For the best results it's recommended to have two video lights (the more powerful is the better), but if you only have one but good dive light it will make a difference. You will see the real colors of the deep, and you can show those in your diving movies.

If you want to do some dive courses, there are plenty to choose from. After the basic certification it's a good choice to attend an advanced course. You will learn about deep, night or wreck diving for example. Those who want more, there are speciality courses or they can start technical diving.

The most important thing is to find what you are really interested in scuba diving. Try to be open for new adventures and challenges. For a skilled diver with proper training and dive gear the night diving is not frightening but exciting. They will enjoy wreck diving too, which is much more than the dive itself as we learn about history as well. Sometimes you don't have to travel too far for incredible dives. But whenever you go somewhere try to be ready for all new experiences to find everything a specific destination offer. To see those, you will need a good dive light, whatever is the most attracting for you under water.


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