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35. The world of special dives

It is worth learning new skills in speciality dive courses.


For the most of us the real challenge is to dive with a SCUBA equipment for the first time. Those who become avid divers try to dive as much as they can. They travel to new destinations to see their underwater wonders. They start to buy more and more dive equipments.

As the beginner diver gains some experience he realizes he needs not only better dive equipments but more knowledge as well. The experience is very important but we emphasize the importance of learning new skills by attending speciality dive coursea. The main reason is simple: it's always fun to learn something new. But our safety is important too and we have to be qualified to dive deeper or swim into wrecks.

It's not a surprise to see the connections. The beginner diver usually buys only a few pieces of the dive equipment but later he realizes some other stuff is as important as the basic ones. The dive lights are good examples. You simply can't make many of the special dives without them. So you will learn during the course the importance of a reliable dive light.

Let's talk about some of the speciality courses! Many of the divers love the new, thrilling adventure of night diving. We can see a different face of the marine life. But we have to learn how to dive in the darkness. Navigation is a real challenge for all beginner divers. They quickly learn they always need to carry a dive light in their baggages. It should be small but with a long battery life. It's very useful if you can change its outpout. Rarely the divers need the emergency mode as well- if the dive light has it. For even more special night dives the UV mode can be an exciting option. Our product, the Spark Action Light 7F dive lamp has these capabilities, it can be a good buddy during night dives.

It is more than useful during wreck dives too. To penetrate into historical shipwrecks is a real adventure and you always have to take a dive light. You need it for your safety. And on the other hand without a dive light you can't see anything in the rooms and halls if there is only a little glowing light from the surface.

You can tell the same about the cavern dives. One of the best dive experiences is looking around in caves with our dive lamp to see how colorful can they be. But diving in caverns can be challinging even with a dive light. There are strict rules for cavern (and cave or wreck) dives and you have to learn them in a speciality course, do not try it without proper education.

After a few dive trips It's typical to think about deeper dives so many divers participate in deep diving courses. You may say the divers don't really need a dive light for deep dives. But the world of depth seem bluish, greyish if you don't turn on your dive light. It's a totally new experience when you the incredible real colors down there. Who knows why these corals' or sponges' colors are bright red, orange and purple? You can see it only if you use a dive lamp. Maybe they are so colorful to amaze us so it's one more reason to take our dive light.

We could mention many other examples of stunning special dive adventures. We suggest all divers, especially beginners to attend speciality dive courses. They won't regret it! Luckily all diving educational systems offer plenty of them. Choose a good instructor, prefer thorough training. And because you definitely will need it, buy a good dive light for yourself. For your underwater adventures we recommend the Spark Lights dive lamps!

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