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22. Spark Action Light 7F price cut

Hopefully our customers will welcome the new pricing of Spark Lights' most popular product.

Our company intends to manufacture and distribute dive lamps which are affordable and high quality. We developed a small yet powerful, reliable dive light and we added some special features like the patented charging system. The multifunctional 7F model can be used in many different situations underwater and it became very popular amongst divers.

As we sold many Spark Lights products, we received feedbacks and opinions. We try to pay attention to these, we keep in mind the good ideas, and there have been some changes inspired by our customers' feedback. We are grateful for the suggestions!

Of course, we worked within the company to make the production process more efficient too. Many experiences have accumulated since we started manufacturing Spark Action Light dive lamps and we have used them to further improve the products and their production process.

It is time to share the results of our continous work with our customers. As this is our most popular product, the price of Spark Action Light 7F multifunctional diving lamps is reduced in all packages to make it even more affordable: the price of the Low package is only 189 euro.

We recommend to browse the range in our webshop if you consider buying a dive lamp!



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