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11. László Előd and the Spark Action Light 7F

The renowned underwater photographer is satisfied with our dive light, which he used during a Maldives liveaboard trip for the first time

The Spark Lights was one of the sponsors of the Hungarian Underwater Photography Championship last year. We offered a 7F multi functional dive light which was awarded to László Előd, who won  an award for the Best photo of the competition. We were happy to give him the dive light, as he became the Hungarian underwater photography champion for the 6th time.

The experienced, awarded photographer's opinion is important for us. Recently he traveled to dive the wonderful reefs of the Maldives so he had the chance to test our product. We asked him to write us his experiences, suggestions. We always listen to the feedbacks of our customers, and we knew, László Előd's advices would help us to improve our products. Thanks for the review!

He wrote a few words about the Spark Action Light 7F. He used it under water for two weeks and we would like to share his opinion:

"Although the underwater photograpers usually have focus lights in the strobes, those are rarely pointed to the subject and aren't powerful enough to help focusing. So I always mount a special focus light to the camera as well. I really liked the capabilities of the 7F: it was easy to change the power of the light and during night dives I didn't have to carry a red filter, as the red LEDs worked perfectly and they didn't frighten the small fish. It's small, easy to use and the battery lasts long. My only problem was the unintentional turning on of the dive light in my bag: it is so easy to move the switch, that, it can switch itself on quickly."

"I used the light during daytime dives as well, and it was powerful enough to show me the real colors under water. It was easy to fell in love with it. And for me, who always have to open underwater cases, housings and connectors, grease O-rings, to have a piece of the equipment which I didn't have to open and take care of- PRICELESS!"

We are grateful for the nice words and certainly we started thinking about a solution to avoid the problems with the accidental turning on of the dive light. In the feature we will give an extra accessory, a safety lock to the Spark Lights products which prevents this.

We got a few photographs from him which was taken during this trip. It's a pleasure to know that the Spark Action Light 7F was a useful piece of László Előd's underwater photo setup in the Maldives and we hope he can use it in the future for many photo expeditions!

Photos: Ferenc Őrsi and László Előd



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