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25. Diving in Jordan

The wrecks near Aqaba are exciting diving spots.

The Gulf of Aqaba in the Northern Red Sea is a special place. Four countries have ports in its shoreline, and Egypt, Israel and Jordan attract a lot of divers. In the latter two countries they made artifical reefs to make diving even more interesting.

 The Jordan shoreline around Aqaba town isn't too long, but many of the tourists dive here. They usually dive from the shore, as they can reach the spots easily. They don't have to descend too deep to see the beautiful coral reefs, and in the sea grass seahorses hide. This place is ideal even for beginner divers.

The keen wreck divers would enjoy diving at the largest artificial reef of the Gulf of Aqaba, the Cedar Pride wreck. It was sunk deliberately in 1985 with the support of King of Jordan, to make an attracting dive site. The 74 meters long cargo ship doesn't rest too deep. It's a good spot even if somebody just swims around it, but there are places to swim inside- there you will need a good dive light like our Spark Lights dive lamps. If you take a look at the hull or the propeller you can feel how huge was the Cedar Pride.

Another good dive site at the South Beach is a plane wreck which was sunk a year ago. The C130 Hercules military transport aircraft rests in mint condition on the bottom, it's easy to swim around. The interior of the plane looks like new, there aren't much sealife here yet. In the cockpit they put a skeleton which looks creepy- it can be a surprising moment when the diver's light illuminates the skull.

In the same dive spot in the shallows there is another wreck, the so-called Tank. It's an M42 Duster self-propelled anti aircraft gun. They sunk it many years ago, you can see the growing corals on its hull or guns. As the depth is only 5-6 meters, we finished the third dive of the day here. We needed our dive lights to see it during the sunset.

Jordan is one of the Red Sea countries where you should plan some dives. There aren't too much places in the world where you can dive a ship, a plane and a tank wreck on the same day.


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