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4. UV world – the miracle of the fluorescent, not only underwater

During the developing of the multifunctional dive lights we have continuously been testing the current versions, as I have mentioned before, this is the 21st version, which must have been tested within every conditions. At a cold winter night one of our engineers called me, and excitedly told me about his experiences with the light.

This light is f..king good!
Excuse me?
As I went to feed the dog, I took the Action Light 7F with me, to see in the dark. Before that, my kid was playing with the light using the UV function, and he put it in standby in that function. As I went to my workhouse, I switched it on, and it was in the UV function. At first, I was angry, because it surprised me, but then I saw that something glows colourfully in one of the corners behind the dog food. I went closer and I saw that it was a stone, which we found in the Mátra 5-6 years ago, and used it as a door-porter, at summer.
Does it glow due to the UV or reflect back the light?
No, it glows in beautiful colours, but only due to the impact of the UV light.

Since this occasion, this colleague of mine does not only go to the hills to go hiking, but every time, he takes a light with himself, to be able to light into the cracks of the rocks, and looks for those minerals that light to the impact of the UV. This is how a product–developer can suddenly transform into a collector of minerals.

Nowadays, we know that the varieties of our world, can easily be found in the nature and possibly, in our house, as well.

So, here is the chance to get a new hobby, collecting of the minerals, and if you have a lamp, you do not have to pay extra costs…

Minerals glowing in the dark due to the impact of the Sparklights Action 7F.



Minerals glowing in the dark due to the impact of the Sparklights Action UV.


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