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Terms and conditions


STANDS FROM 15 May 2017

By accessing and using web-shop you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any participation in this web-shop will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide the conditions mentioned above, please do not use this web-shop.


I. The operator of this web-shop

The name of the company:
SCINTILLA-Trio Engineering Office Ltd.

The brief name of the company:

Location of the company:
Liszt Ferenc utca 8.B, 1. emelet 9., BUDAPEST, H-1047, Hungary



The branch and costumer office of the company:
Ipartelep út 9., JÁSZBERÉNY , H-5122 Hungary



The registration number of the company:



The Court Registry of the company:
Company Registry Court of Budapest Capital Regional Court



Tax number of the company:



The bank account of the company:
Swift Code:
HU73 10104260-55230200-01004303



The e-mail address of the company:

The phone number of the company:


II. General instructions


II.1. By accessing this website and, by registering at and buying from this website (by any of these activities) according to the Terms and conditions the SCINTILLA Trió Ltd. as operator /later: Operator/ and the user of the web-shop / later: Costumer are agreeing to be bound by the terms of service.


II.2. The Costumer must accept the Terms and conditions. If the Costumer does not agree with any order of the Terms and conditions, the Costumer should not browse this website and should not buy in this web-shop.


II.3. For the browsing and accessing of this website the data service is voluntary. For providing its service the Operator only uses data in the necessary amount, according to the XI. point of the Terms and conditions.


II.4. The Operator has the right to change the orders of the Terms and conditions, its products, price, and deadline.

The Operator’s limitation on the sale of the products only stands until the publishing of the changed price of the certain product in the web-shop. The change is set from the date of the appearance of the new data in the web-shop.

The Costumer who does not agree with the changing of the rules should stop buying from the web-shop. The changes will not have any impact on the agreements that have been made before the change.

II.5. The Operator provides the necessary information, in a proper way, about the product to the Costumer in the description of the product that is being distributed in the web-shop.


III. Making the Purchase Agreement between the Operator and the Costumer

III.1. Beside the contractual relationship that is bound when the Costumer starts browsing the web-shop, a Purchase Agreement is made between the Operator as a seller and the Costumer, which will be handled by the directive of the order and confirmation, and by the orders of the Terms and conditions.

The Operator is bound to confirm the order of the Costumer in 168 (hundred and sixty-eight) hours. Unless, the Costumer will not be bund by his/her offer validity.

III.2. By sending the order the Costumer agrees with the Terms and conditions. The agreement is made, after the fulfilling of the order and the checking of the data, on the conditions, defined below:

When the email, containing the following information, about the dispatch of the package to the Costumer or the transport of the package, and about the date of the delivery, that is sent to the Costumer, arrives. The ordered product can not be bought with a personal service. This option is excluded by the Operator.

With the e-mails with the information, above, according to the Hungarian Government Decree No. 45/2014.(II.26.) “distance contract” is made between the Operator as a seller and the Costumer.

III.3. The received orders are kept by the Operator in an electronic way, they can be seen by the Costumer later.

According to the Act CVII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and in information society services, the Operator and the Costumer are agreed that the order made in the web-shop is constituted as a written contract and it is directed by the Hungarian law.

The communication between the Operator and the Costumer, done via the e-mail address that had been submitted by the Costumer during the registration process, or had been given at his/her order data, is constituted as written communication.


As the agreement between the Operator and the Costumer is handled as a written contract, the parties agree that the confirmatory email sent by the Operator to the order of the Costumer, is an agreement between the Operator and the Costumer and if it is being sent in an e-mail it meets the requirements of the 18th paragraph of the Hungarian Government Decree No. 45/2014.(II. 26.), which is about the requirements of the “written confirmation”.

Because of the rules written above the Operator asks the Costumer’s attention to read the documents of the order carefully and keep them – before they have been sent or received –, as well.

III.4. The products of this web-shop can only be ordered via this web-shop online.

III.5. Before the first buy from this web-shop, the Costumer is bound to register, or before a later order the Costumer has to log in to his/her registered personal account made on the web-shop previously. Registration makes the order easier and also helps in getting possible discounts.

An order can only be accepted and fulfilled by the Operator if the Costumer fulfills the required data on the website including shipping, billing data and the amount of the ordered product. The Operator takes no responsibility for the damages caused by the neglecting of this activity.

III.6. The shipping or additional costs caused by not fulfilling the necessary data (address, information) properly have to be paid by the Costumer. If the submitted order lacks the information on which the Costumer can be accessed then the Operator will not fulfill the order.

The Costumer has to submit his/her phone number properly, as the Operator has the right to either call the Costumer, or send an SMS message about the transport of the ordered product.

III.7. In the web-shop, the goods can be add to the virtual cart by clicking on the button “Add to cart” on the own pages of the goods.

After picking the certain goods the process of the order can only be started by clicking on the button “Payment” where the Costumer has to give a transport address, paying method and then the order can be made and sent.

III.8. The Operator treats each of the orders separately, thus if more orders are made by the same costumer, they will be not be treated as one order, they will be transported in separated packages, because of that the cost of the transport have to be paid for every ordered package.

III.9. The prices in the web-shop contain VAT and are gross prices.

The prices in the web-shop stand until they are changed or cancelled.

III.10. The pictures and information of the products in the web-shop are given for information purposes only and they can be different from the real number of the products that are in stock. Because of the changes in the stock in some cases some goods can be seen as they were “on stock”, but they are not.

For these mistakes the Operator does not take responsibility, but after recognizing the mistake, the Operator will provide information about it to the Costumer.

III.11. The Operator has to make sure that the ordered goods are transported to the given transport address that has been confirmed previously, according to the conditions given in the confirmation of the order and in the Terms of conditions.


III.12. The Costumer can take over the ordered goods at the address, that has been given by him/her during the ordering and can pay for the good and for the indicated incremental costs (transport, price of the cash on delivery) on the delivery, or previously, according to the conditions defined in the Terms and conditions.


III.13. The price of the ordered products and the possible incremental costs (which are always indicated when the order is made) can be paid by preliminary bank transfer, or by Using PayPal, or safe way of paying by credit card on the internet.

III.14. The ordered products will be taken to the given transport address, via courier service.

If the chosen product(s) are on stock –, they will be given to the courier in 3 workdays. In other cases the Costumer will get a notification about the calculated delivery date via e-mail, or will be called on the phone.

Those goods that have been ordered and are on stock, or that have been delivered after procurement, are kept by the Operator for maximum 5 workdays.

The Operator cannot keep the ordered products for more than 10 workdays, and cannot deliver the products later because of that.

III.15. If the certain good is on stock the Operator can fulfill the orders, which have been given properly, in 5 workdays.

The Operator tries to fulfill the certain deadline, but does not take responsibility if the order cannot be fulfilled in the usual amount of working days. In case of a possible delay the Operator can but is not bound to tell the Costumer about the delay.

III.16. At the time of the delivery the Costumer is bound to check whether the package is damaged, to check the amount of the delivered pieces, and to sign the acknowledgement of receipt. If the package is damaged, it has to be recorded in the Transcript.

It is advised to check whether the goods are damaged, at the delivery, and in the case of a shortage in the quantity or damage, they have to be recorded in the Transcript, immediately. For a package that is not damaged, it can only be taken over by the Costumer to his/her own responsibility.

In the case of a “distance contract”, if there is not anything written in the Transcript, there is a limited chance to exercise the governing right of withdrawal, to quantitative objection, or to validate warranties.

A complain because of quantity or damage can only be accepted, if there is a video, about the opening of the package, submitted to the Operator, which has high quality, has not been edited, and on which it can clearly be seen that the package was not opened in the beginning of the video and it shows what the box contains (all of the sides of the box is recorded on the video).

III.17. If during the transport, the product cannot be delivered, the transporter will leave a note, because of that, and only one time the transporter will try to deliver the package. The transport is being made on workdays between 8-17 hours.

The Costumer is bound to give a transport address and a phone number on which he/she is available in this period of time.

IV. Non-conformity

IV.1. The Operator commits non-conformity if at the time of the delivery the sold product does not fulfill either the requirements of the agreement made by the parties, or the quality requirements defined in the Hungarian legislatives.

The Operator does not commits non-conformity if at the time of making the contact, the Costumer knew the fault or had to know about it.


IV.2. According to the Hungarian law, if the Costumer is constituted as a consumer, has to claim in 6 (six) months after the fulfilling of the order, that the mistake recognized by the Costumer has been in the product at the time of the fulfilling, except if this claim is not suitable for the products nature or with the features of the mistake.

V. Implied Warranty


V.1. Rights of the implied warranty

For committing non-conformity, the Operator has to give implied warranty to the Costumer.

The Costumer can demand implied warranty from these two options:

a) can apply for the repairing or the changing of the product, except if the fulfilling of the chosen right is impossible or, to the Operator – as opposed to fulfilling another implied warranty – it would cause too much extra cost, considering the price of the service within excellent conditions, the degree of the violation of the agreement and the conflict of interests caused to the Costumer, by fulfilling the implied warranty, or

b) can apply for the proportional decrease of the consideration, the Costumer can fix the mistake, or can have it fixed by someone on the Operator’s charge, or can withdraw from the agreement, or if the Operator did not agree to change or to repair the product, it is impossible for the Operator to change or repair the product on the prescribed conditions, or the Costumer does not want to fix or change the product.

There is no right to withdraw in the case of an insignificant mistake.

The product has to be fixed or repaired – taking the products’ features and the designation of the entitled person into consideration, by sparing the interests of the Costumer.


V.2. Shift to another implied warranty

The Costumer can shift from the chosen implied warranty to another one. The Costumer has to pay for the costs caused by the shifting for the Operator, except if the Operator gave rise for him/her, or the shift was reasonable.


V.3. Reporting the mistake

After recognizing the mistake in the product, the Costumer is bound report it immediately to the Operator.

If the Costumer, according to the Hungarian law is constituted as a consumer, after the reporting of the mistake, in 2 (two) months it has to be seen as a reported mistake immediately. The Costumer is responsible if there is a damage coming from a late reporting.


V.4. Forfeiture of the demand for the implied warranty

The Costumer’s demand for the implied warranty forfeitures in 1 (one) year after the fulfilling of the application.

The Costumer’s (that is constituted as a consumer according to the Hungarian law) demand for the implied warranty forfeitures 2 (two) years after the fulfilling of the application. The time during which the Costumer can not use the product in a proper way, is not included in this period.

For the parts of the product that have been fixed or changed, the forfeiture of the implied warranty starts again.


V.5. The duration of the validated warranty

The demand for implied warranty for every fault in the service that caused the certain mistake, have to be constituted as a validated one within the deadline.


V.6. Defrayal

The costs in relation with the fulfilling of the warranty obligation have to be paid by the Operator except for the returning of the goods to the Operator.

If the Costumer did not fulfill the maintenance requirements of the product, and this caused the fault in it, the costs in relation with the fulfilling of the warranty obligation have to be paid by the Costumer, in the proportion of his/her lack of maintenance of the products, if the Costumer knew the information about the maintenance, or if these information were given by the web-shop.

VI. Product warranty


VI.1. Demand for the product warranty

A Costumer that is according to the Hungarian law constituted as a consumer, in the case of a deficient product, can claim the fixing of the mistake from the manufacturer or – if the fixing is not possible within the deadline, or cannot be done without hurting the Costumer’s interests – or the changing of the product..

The product is deficient if it does not meet the quality requirements that had been defined by the manufacturer at the time of placing the product on the market, or it does not have the features listed in the description given by the manufacturer.

The producer and the distributor of the product are constituted as the manufacturer.

The manufacturer does not have to fulfill the product warranty obligation if proves that

a) the product was not manufactured and distributed either in its own business activities or its own employment circle;

b) when the product as placed on the market the mistake could not be recognized according to the current status of the science and technology; or

c) The mistake in the product was caused by either the application of the law or the application of a prescription made by the authorities.

In the case of changing a product and in the case of repairing the product, the part of the product that was impacted by the repair, the implied warranty obligation related to the product and the certain part of the product have to be paid by the manufacturer.

VI.2. Deadlines for communication and for the enforcement of claims

The Costumer is bound to report the mistake, which had been recognized, to the Operator, the reported mistake has to be constituted as a reported mistake immediately in 2 (two) months after the mistake was recognized. The Costumer is responsible if there is a damage coming from a late reporting.

The Operator is bound by the product warranty for two years after the product was placed on the market. After the end of this deadline the Operator loses this right.


VI.3. Product warranty int he case of changing in the owner of the company

If the ownership of the product is assigned to another owner, the new owner can enforce the product warranty rights as opposed to the Operator.

VII. Warranty

VII.1. In the case of a warranty during its duration the Operator has to hold on to the non-conformity, according to the declaration in which the warranty was made or to the conditions defined in the Hungarian legislation.

The warranty does not have impact on the Costumer’s rights, which are originated from the legislation (for example rights related to the product warranty).

The web-shop will be relieved of its obligation of warranty if it proves that the mistake was made after the fulfilling of the order.

VII.2. According to the 1st annex of the Hungarian Government Decree No. 151/2003 (IX.22.), which is about the warranties related to consumer durables, there is an obligation of warranty for the newly bought consumer durables, which has duration of one year.

The demand for the warranty can be enforced within the deadline for the warranty, failure to meet this deadline shall result in the forfeiture of rights.

VIII. The right of withdrawal from buying the product

VIII.1. The Costumer – only if the Costumer is constituted as a consumer according to the Hungarian law – is entitled to the right of withdrawal, which has been defined in the Hungarian Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II.26).

VIII.2. The Costumer is entitled to the right of withdrawal within the period between the Contracting and the date of the receiving of the product.

VIII.3. The Costumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal in cases that had been defined in the Hungarian Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26), in cases such as unique product that was not prefabricated, it has been manufactured due to the directions or demand of the Costumer, or in a case of a product that has been personalized to the certain Costumer.

VIII.4. The Costumer can exercise the right of withdrawal in relation with the Sales and Purchase Agreement

a) with one product,

b) in the case of a purchase transaction of more than one product, with the last received product, if the fulfilling of the services does not happen at the same time,

c) if the ordered product contains more units, then with the last received unit, piece,

d) if the product has to be delivered usually within a period of time, with the last service,

in 14 (fourteen) days after the date of receiving the product by the Costumer, or a third person who is not the courier, chosen by the Costumer, can exercise the right of withdrawal in a written way by using the sample statement in the annex of the referenced legislation, using a statement in relation to this case.

VIII.5. In the case of withdrawal, after the reporting of the withdrawal, the Costumer is bound to send back the product to the Operator in 14 (fourteen) days. This deadline is constituted as a complied one if the Costumer proves that the product was posted or given to the courier service.

The Costumer has to pay for the costs that entail with sending the products back to the Operator. Thus, the Operator does not take over products that have been sent via cash on delivery.


VIII.6. The Costumer is responsible for the depreciation of the product caused by the improper use.

The Operator is only bound to reimburse the total cost of a product that has not been used at all, is not damaged, and has been sent back to the Operator.

The Costumer is bound to reimburse the cost of the damages that have been caused by the improper use of the product to the Operator.

VIII.7. If the Costumer withdraws from the agreement, by fitting to the rules of the Hungarian legislatives, the Operator will either immediately, or in 14 (fourteen) days after the receiving of the product, reimburse the total cost that have been paid by the Costumer for the product, however, will not reimburse the costs in relation with the fulfilling of the order.

The refundable cost will be reimbursed to the Costumer in the way it has been paid by the Costumer at the time of the order. By the approval of the Costumer the Operator can reimburse the cost in another method of payment.

VIII.8. The Operator can withheld the refundable money, until the Costumer sent the product back, or proved clearly that the product has been sent back to the Operator, from these to options the earlier one has to be taken into consideration.

VIII.9. Only those Costumers are entitled to the right of withdrawal that have been constituted as consumers according to the Hungarian law.

With its wholesalers and resellers the Operator has separated contracts in which the chances of sending the products back are defined.

IX. Limitations on the responsibility

IX.1. Buying in the web-shop assumes that the Costumer has knowledge of the possibilities of and restrictions of the Internet and accepts them, especially the technical capacity and the possible mistakes.

IX.2. The Operator does not take responsibility for the problems listed below, no matter the cause they resulted from:

  • The change or lack of receiving of any sent/received data, or the accidental change of these data.
  • Any mistake in the network of the Internet that does not enable the proper operation of the web-shop and any purchase on it.
  • Any failure in the receiving devices on the lines of the communication.
  • Losing any either registered, or returned receipt requested letter, or any letter, or any data that has been sent, whether they have been received in an electronic- or non-electronic way.
  • The improper operation of any software.
  • Anything caused by a malfunction of software, an unscheduled event, or a technical fault.

IX.3. The Costumers take full responsibility of giving their personal data to a third person, and the damages caused by the publication of these data on the web-shop. In this case the operator provides every possible help to the authorities in the identification of the person that has been violating the laws.

X. Copyright

X.1. The Copyrights of any content on the web-shop (text, article, product description, prospectus, terms of conditions, illustration, picture, other information, data) – without any different ordinance – are belong to the Operator without any geographic and timely restriction.

It is forbidden to use any content that has been downloaded from the web-shop to a different goal from purchase, and to copy and to modify them, as well.

By using the web-shop the Costumer agrees that the copying or using of the content of the web-shop to an aim other than what is defined here is constituted as the violation of the law, even if it was not under the Copyright.

X.2. The Operator is entitled to begin proceedings, in front of the courts or authorities, against every person that violates or tries to violate the law by using the web-shop (containing the purchase).

The Operator is not liable for any trespass, which has been committed by a third person against the Costumer.

X.3. In any case of a trespass in relation with the website of the web-shop, or any offence against the interests of the Operator, the Operator is entitled to immediately terminate and remove the registration and the personal and other data of the certain Costumer.

However, these data can still be served for the aims of the proceedings in relation with the trespass or the offence of the interests. The Operator is not bound to notify the Costumer about the steps above.

X.4. The portrait of the web-shop, and any part of it on any domain, for example as a framed application – as the part of someone’s own websites – can only be done after the written approval of the Operator.

XI. Privacy Policy

XI.1. The aim of the Operator is to ensure the complete protection of the personal data of the Costumers.

The Operator protects the personal rights of the Costumers by observing the rules of the law which relate to the protecting of the privacy: Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary and Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information („Privacy Act”).

XI.2. Giving the personal data on the website of the web-shop is voluntarily as agreeing the Terms and conditions on the web-shop the Costumers agree that their data will be handled.

If the Costumer is asked by another person, then it is his/her responsibility to get the approve of the other person, for publishing the Costumer’s data.

In the case of getting the statement of people with no legal ability or of people with limited capacity, the preliminary approval of their representatives are necessary, except for those managements of data, that aim transactions that happen in every-day life.

XI.3. In relation with the web-shop the Operator make registration data management that is declared to the Hungarian National Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

For a purchase at the web-shop a preliminary registration is necessary. The data that have been given by the registration can only be used in the necessary way and degree bound to the selling of its products and to keep contact with its Costumers. The argument of the data management is the agreement for the data management.

By giving their personal details the costumers agree that their data will be used for the fulfilling of the service by the Operator. The Operator only uses these details for the aims mentioned above, will not give them to a third person, will not give it forward without approval, will not publish them, keeps them separated and encrypted.

If the Costumers choose the courier service as a transport method for delivering the chosen product, they agree that in order to a successful delivery, their data will be given to the courier service by the Operator. These data are accessible for the workers of the web-shop that have labor relations.


XI.4. The aim of the data management for the Operator is to fulfill the orders of the Costumer. Besides, the aim of the management of some data is to enhance experience of the costumer, for example by sending a newsletter.

The data impacted by the data management are: name (first name and surname); e-mail address; address; billing address; phone number.


XI.5. The duration of the data management: until the certain Costumer initiates the removal of his/her registration. In the case of a purchase until the duration of the mandatory retention period that is prescribed by law.

XI.6. If any Costumer either conducts opposite practice than the content of the Terms and conditions or conducts unfair practice against the Hungarian or the European Union’s legislations, then the Operator can begin the identification of the Costumer, in order to start the necessary proceedings.

XI.7. If any Costumer does not log in the web-shop for 10 years, his/her registered data can be automatically removed by the Operator, who can also delete the these data.

The Costumer can ask for the adjustment or removal of his/her personal data via an e-mail message at any time. Even in this case the Operator is not entitled to remove those data, because the Operator is bound to withheld some data because of the legislation.

XI.8. The personal data are kept electronically on a server platform chosen by the Operator. The Operator keeps the billing data on its branch, as well.

The Operator makes every possible steps of computer technology and work management in order to ensure the safe data management, and to prevent letting the data into the hands of a third person.

XI.9. The Costumer can ask for information about the management of his/her data, about the person who does the data management, about the data processing programs, about the conditions of the forwarding of the data, other details about the data management. The Costumer can also ask for the fixing or changing and removal – except legislations related to the data management – of his/her personal data.

Asking for information is free of charge, however for a repeated asking within the period of one year, the Operator is entitled ask for the payment of the costs of the administration.

XI.10. The Operator is bound to react to the Costumer’s questions of the data management within the shortest period of time, or within 30 (thirty) days – in the case of rejecting the Costumer’s request, the Operator is bound to give a reason for the rejection. If the Costumer does not agree with the decision or the act of the Operator, he/she can turn to the court in 30 (thirty) days after the publishing of the decision.

XI.11. During the data management the Operator follows the prescriptions of the Hungarian law, does the data management carefully, keeps the data confidential, does not make it accessible for a third person, except for the cases in which it is necessary to give these data for the enforcement of its rights according to the Terms and conditions, when the Operator is ordered by a legislation, an order of the authority, or an order of the court.

XI.12. In relation with the data management of the Operator, the Costumer can write a legal remedy or a complain to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, (location: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., postal address: H-1530, Budapest, post office box: 5. Phone number: +36 (1) 391-1400).

XII. Newsletter

XII.1. The Costumers can subscribe for the newsletter of the Operator, within their registration or when they use the web-shop. This subscription is voluntarily.

With the subscription the Costumer accepts that the Operator will send him/her letter with informing or advertising purpose.

XII.2. The user can unsubscribe from the newsletter any time under “Newsletter (un)subscription” menu item, or by clicking at the link “Unsubscribe” which can be found at the end of every letter.

XIII. Administration of the complaints

XIII.1. The postal address, phone number and e-mail address onto the complaints can be submitted is equal to the ones listed in the 1st point of the Terms and conditions.

XIII.2. The Costumer can submit his/her complaint either orally (personally or on the phone) or in a written way to the Operator. It is not constituted as a complaint if the Costumer asks for information or a commitment about the activities of the web-shop.

XIII.3. The Operator will examine the orally submitted complaint immediately, and if it is necessary the problem related to it will be repaired.

If the Costumer does not accept the way in his/her complaint was treated, and if it impossible to examine the complaint immediately, the Operator will make a Transcript about the complaint and its opinions about the complaint, immediately, and will give its copy to the Costumer, and follows the orders of he Terms and conditions.

The transcript contains the data that are prescribed in the Act CLV of 1997, which is about the consumer protection.

The complaints that have been submitted in a written way (including the electronically sented ones) will be answered by the Operator – unless the law has another order – in 30 (thirty) days, in a written way. The Operator will give it an identification number. The transcript will be attached to the answer.

The submitted complaint has to contain the following data: the name and the address of the Costumer that submitted it, and the description of the complaint, and other data that have been prescribed within the law. If the complaint is rejected, there has to be a reason given by the Operator for the rejection and the Operation has to show the opportunities, the Costumer has for a legal remedy.

The Operator is bound to keep the copy of the answer for 5 (five) years, and to send in to the authorities that can check it if it is ordered by them.

XIII.4. With his/her complaint the Costumer can turn to the Arbitration Board defined by the (1) – (3) paragraphs of the Law for consumer protection.

You can find information about the procedure of the arbitration on the website

XIII.5. The European Commission created an online dispute resolution platform, which can be used by the consumers and the traders in a case of a legal dispute between people making Sales and Purchase Agreement or service contract.

Those traders are entitled to this, who are related to online Sales and Purchase Agreements or service agreements that are located in Hungary if there is a consumer legal dispute related to a Sales and Purchase Agreement, or service agreement made between them and a consumer.

In the case of a consumer legal dispute that crosses borders, but it is linked with a web-shop that is in the European Union, it can only be decided free of charge by the Arbitration Board that works with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In order to be able to use the online dispute resolution platform mentioned above one has to primarily register in the system of the European Commission.

The online dispute resolution platform can be accessed after a registration in the system of the European Commission by clicking on this link:

If you have questions about the online legal dispute resolution, you can ask for information from the Budapest Arbitration Board. Address: H-1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310. Postal address: H-1253, Budapest, Pf.: 10. E-mail address:, Fax: 06(1) 488-2131.

XIII.6. Those Costumers that are constituted as consumers according to the Hungarian law, can turn to the competent district authorities with their complaints.

XIV. Accepting the Terms and conditions

By using the web-shop the Costumer declares that he/she understood, acknowledged and for the end-to-end use of the web-shop accepts the Terms and conditions.

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