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5. The Bright-coloured Adriatic Sea

I heard that people reject the Adriatic Sea, the nearest sea to our country. Those divers that have been diving in tropical seas, do not want to visit it, saying that its water is cold and grey and dead. I try to persuade these people, to visit that place.

Two years ago, I have met a program-designer engineer at a safari in Egypt. This guy told me that he pursues many sports related to the water. In his free-time, he goes kayaking on the Danube, besides travelling to Egypt every autumn for a safari, two times a year he rents a sailboat and goes to the Adriatic Sea for a week. I told him, what I always say in these cases:

Let’s talk about everything in the correct order.

However, the temperature of the Adriatic Sea is colder than the tropical seas’, it is not unbearable. It is the coldest at spring, at about 14°C, but, as the summer comes it gets warmer. Few people know that its temperature is the best at autumn as the heath-barrier almost ends so that you can dive in 20°C even 40 metres under the surface. In November and December, you can dive comfortably at the water that has a temperature of 16-17°C at the South-Dalmatian territory. This is caused by the warm waters that flow upwards from the Mediterranean Sea.

The colder water has its use. In the upper parts of the colder seas, that lie further than the Equator, there is resolved oxygen and there are better light conditions. Thus, there can be many little plants and animals find in it. The plankton, which is the collective of the small floating species that can only be seen with the help of a microscope, is made of these. Because of the higher density of the plankton the colder seas are grey coloured, and blurred. In the warmer water of the tropical seas, there is less resolved oxygen, because of this, there are less plankton in them, as well. The deep blue colour of the tropical seas, and the crystal clearness of their water is caused by this, as well. Those tropical oceans, which lay further from the land are called the deserts of the water. As, there is hardly enough life in these places because of the less oxygen and nutrient.

As we know the base of the food chain under the water is the plankton. So that, those waters that are rich in plankton, provide suitable places for the creatures that eat them. However, from the side of the divers this grey blurred water does not seem to be an attractive bright-coloured place, but nowadays, these conditions can be easily improved. I claim that with the proper diving light every diver can have a beautiful and colourful experience on the Adriatic Sea, as well. For this, you only need a multifunctional diving light with high capacity, that can use Spot light and Video-Photo light function. This is important because you can only look into the cracks with the Spot light, but the bigger creatures of the wonderful walls can only be seen with those lights that are made to cover bigger parts.

Made with the help of the Sparklights Action 7F, without the 7F



All in all, we can say that as the habitat of creatures in the tropical seas, is restricted to little coral cliffs, but in the colder seas you can find life in almost everywhere. I suggest not deciding by prejudice, but we should visit every diving place with the proper equipment (clothes, dive light).

I suggested one of my acquaintance that works with IT, to buy a base layer, I lent him a dive light and an address and information on where he should go at his next sail. Some weeks later, he told me that the Adriatic Sea is really colourful. This was the second year, when he goes to diving while sailing on the Adriatic Sea.

Finally, you can find a brief video,  which shows the diving place of the Adriatic Sea, made with the help of the Sparklights dive lights.

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