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3. The world of the UV – about the miracle of the fluorescent in the dark

The Fluorescent diving, or diving with the UV light shows a new aspect of the variegation of the seas. Some of the sea animals react to the Blue and UV lights by glowing in the dark, in the colours of the rainbow.

Two products (7F, UV) from the Sparklights Action Light product family, can help you, in discovering this new ‘FLUO’ world. They are capable of this, because are not only able to use a UV light of high capacity, but they have other functions, such as the white spot light can be used as a video-photo light, but you can combine the white lights, also, the SOS flash is of great use at night.

Why is this exactly?

Once, I took part in a diving at night, but at that time I have not been thinking of developing a multifunctional dive light. As I was trying to take pictures with the help of a UV light, I saw that a stonefish was approaching a crab, probably in order to eat it. Quickly, I was trying to switch off the UV lights, and switch on the white video lights and to keep filming.  This was not a long process, but when I successfully turned off the two UV lights, and turned on the other ones, the crab has already been eaten by the stonefish. Thus, I missed a rare experience. Because of this, in our products, the process of changing the functions only takes a couple of seconds.

The 7F model contains 2 BLUE LEDs (a. 455 nm), 2 UV LEDs (a. 365 nm), and two red LEDs.



In the UV type there are 6 UV LEDs (a. 365 nm), which enables you to take magnificent pictures and videos.


One of the FLUO dives uses blue light (455 nm) that can be seen by the human eye, because of this a yellow mask filter can be put in front of our mask to filter the unnecessary blue light. By using this filter you can see the world under the sea in bright colours.

1, picture (Biofluorescence, made with the help of the Sparklights Action Light 7F dive light, also using a yellow UV mask)

The corals can be seen with UV light (365 nm). As we can not see most of this light, we do not need the yellow mask filter, but we can see the reactions given to the fluorescent.

2, picture (Biofluorescence made with the Sparklights Action Light UV dive light)

Moreover, as an interesting fact, I have to tell you, that those who buy a Action Light 7F or UV dive light, not only can see the fluorescent, when they attend a diving trip, but at every night. I will write more about this in my next article.


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