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16. Underwater photography with Spark Lights lamps

The underwater photographers always use strobes- unless they choose a different light source.

The underwater photography has became a quite popular activity recently. Excellent cameras, high end underwater housings to choose from, and there are plenty great underwater strobes as well. The powerful strobes let us to make stunning photos of coral reefs, wrecks.

For a wide angle subject even a powerful dive light isn't enough to replace the strobes in the underwater photography setup. But a good dive light like the Spark Action Light 7F is suitable for the divers who work as underwater models to use them as an additional light source- you can find many photos where the models have a dive lamp in their hands.

The macro photography is totally different, and the photographers can choose another light source. The subject is much smaller and it's closer to the macro lens, so the photographers sometimes don't need the most powerful strobe. Sometimes they even make the light beam narrower with so-called snoots- these photos are quite popular nowadays.

The TRT-Electronics is a Hungarian company specialized in underwater strobe controlling. They develop and make TTL converters for different cameras and underwater strobes. We talked with the owner, Mr Balazs Kurucz about the possible using of the Spark Lights dive lamps in macro photography.

He told us it can be possible to make macro photos with dive lights instead of strobes. Balazs  wanted to prove this, and borrowed some Spark Action Light dive lamps to use them on the underwater setup during a recent trip to the island of Bali. For an experienced underwater photographer it's easy to get used to macro photography with dive lights. Sometimes it's useful to use lights instead of strobes as we can see immediately what and how we will lighten.

You can easily make a narrow beam with the dive light too, so Balazs designed a snoot for the Spark Action dive light, and he tried them too. The result of this is a quite exciting photo.

Certainly we can't say that the Spark Lights diving and video lights will replace the underwater strobes. But we hope we proved with the help of Mr Kurucz that our products can be useful accessories for the creative underwater photographers. They are not only proper focus lights but good to give them for the models and in specific situations as the main light sources of the camera setup.

Thanks for the help of Mr Balazs Kurucz in testing of the Spark Action Light products!


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